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African Album Review

A podcast centered on comprehensive review, analysis and overall recommendations for African music albums, EPs and projects across different countries and genres.


Conversations about the music industry journey by different stakeholders in the value chain from musicians, DJs, promoters, managers, producers and more.

MotoMoto Podcast

Moto Moto Podcast

A podcast for the African music lover, curating a carefully selected DJ mix of youthful African talent for easier and more targeted music discovery. rom the hottest Amapiano, Afrobeats, Gqom, Afrobashment, Coupe Decale, Bongo Flava, hip hop and more.

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Rebranding Announcement

Dear customers, Thank you for visiting our shiny new website! You might be wondering why the URL has automatically changed or why your favourite podcast about African music now takes you here? We rebranded the African Music Industry platform to Moto...

Why Zimdancehall is Dead

Zimdancehall has had a 2019 to forget. Besides Freeman’s Ngaibake which is very non-Zimdancehall sounding, the highs of 2018 where Zimdancehall could do no wrong are officially behind us. The question is WHY?

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