Digital Marketing for Musicians – with Nsimbi Josh

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Digital Marketing plays a huge role in today’s music industry. This is no longer just limited to just advertising trying to sell tickets or music. The digital space is vast. We have social media platforms and various ways of facilitating two-way communication between musicians and their fans. This also applies to other brands within the industry as well.

We take some digital marketing questions to Uganda and engage Nsimbi Josh on what it takes for musicians to capitalise on the opportunities within the field. What is being done right? What can be improved? How important is digital marketing to musicians nowadays? How can they use digital to diversify and increase revenue? We also discussed how marketers can use their skillset to educate the teams around musicians to improve the quality of social interaction and empowering them to maximise online. There was plenty to talk about and we sure did. Enjoy!

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MJ Wemoto

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