When The Calling Is Deep – with Millicent (Zimbabwean Singer)

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The African Music Industry podcast takes us to Zimbabwe this time around! As you know, I am from Zim myself so it’s always an honour to host a fellow Zimbo! We get to know a bit more about singer and songwriter, Millicent.

For some musicians out there, making music is a true calling. You want it, you feel it, you live it! South African-based Zimbabwean musician, Millicent, is blessed with a voice for the ages. She has embraced this from a very early age. But who is the person behind the voice? How did Millicent become Millicent the musician breaking barriers and making a name for herself? This is part of what we find out on the podcast today.

Hers is a calling she had to be patient for. You know how it goes with African parents. How would you ever tell them that you really want to become a musician without facing resistance?! The question really is if you will be allowed to follow that dream or not. Even the rebels can attest. Millicent had to face that at some point in her life. For all the waiting she had to do, her career is skyrocketing to the top. She has been part of some exciting projects outside working on her own material. This has given her exclusive industry insight and a lot of experience. Right timing perhaps??!

We discuss all this, her music and so much more on the podcast today. Help yourself to a listen!

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