Chef 187: Bon Appetit | ALBUM REVIEW Zambia

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Ever wondered what a Zambia musical buffet would taste like? How a master in the musical kitchen by the name of Chef 187 would serve bars? Well, Bon Appetit!

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:12 – Intro: Who is Chef 187 and what are his family music ties in Zambia? What is the quick snapshot of Bon Appetit?
02:45 – Music analysis: What do the songs on Bon Appetit sound like and what kind of style is imposed by the music?
11:04 – Technical review: How can one describe Chef 187 as an artist? What are the general themes on Bon Appetit? What kind of journey does the album take the listener on? How does make up of the music challenge the traditional Zambian sound? How’s the mixing and mastering?
14:15 – Overall thoughts about Bon Appetit by Chef 187 and my picks for standout tracks

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MJ Wemoto
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