Nelson Freitas: Sempre Verao | ALBUM REVIEW Cabo Verde

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It’s very hard to find just one word to sum up Nelson Freitas’ career. He has been exceptional at both producing and singing with too many hits to name. Let’s just say his stellar career is destiny. Here’s the album review for his latest project titled “Sempre Verao”

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:40 – Intro: Who is this talented singer/songwriter/producer called Nelson Freitas? What was his journey into the music industry? What’s the quick snapshot of the Sempre Verao album?
03:08 – Music analysis: What do the songs on Sempre Verao sound like and how does Nelson Freitas impose his style using key collabos to influence the outcome? What is the feel of Sempre Verao?
06:48 – Technical review: What makes Nelson Freitas’ work so revered? What kind of journey does the album take the listener on and what technical points elevate this project, if any? How’s the mixing and mastering?
10:14 – Overall thoughts about Sempre Verao by Nelson Freitas and my picks for standout tracks

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