Pompi x Mag44: Bwana | ALBUM REVIEW Zambia

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Pompi and Mag44 are two men on a mission. Both accomplished in the Zambian music industry but very hungry to go above and beyond. Because of it, they decided to join forces and give us Bwana. Here’s my review of it.

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:26 – Intro: Who is Pompi? Who is Mag44? How did their worlds collide to give us a joint album?
03:23 – Music analysis: What is the feel of Bwana as a project?
09:13 – Technical review: What makes Bwana shine as an album? How about the collabos? What kind of journey does the album take the listener on and what technical points elevate this project, if any? How’s the mixing and mastering? Considering the album is gospel, does it have something for non-Christians?
12:58 – Overall thoughts about Bwana by Pompi x Mag44 and my picks for standout tracks

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