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Cherrie has wowed the world as the talented RnB singer from Sweden that has her roots in Somalia. She has never shied away from her Somali roots and proudly flies the flag. It’s not far off to say that she is one of if not THE most popular Somali musicians among the younger crowd since her smash hit 163 For Evigt. She’s dropped the album Araweelo since that and here’s a review of her latest project titled O.G (The Mixtape)

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:22 – Intro: Who is the talented singer by the name of Cherrie? How did she become a revered world star?
02:23 – Music analysis: What is the feel of O.G (The Mixtape) as a project?
06:02 – Technical review: What kind of journey does the album take the listener on and what technical points elevate this project, if any? Does Cherrie’s unique style add something to this body of work to make it stand out? How’s the mixing and mastering?
09:22 – Overall: What makes mixtapes unique nowadays? Was there a strategy behind releasing a mixtape vs an album? Overall thoughts about O.G (The Mixtape) by Cherrie and my picks for standout tracks from the project.

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