Wendy Shay: Shay On You | ALBUM REVIEW Ghana

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Wendy Shay burst on the scene in 2018 and gave us a string of singles that drew comparisons to some Ghana greats. 2019 saw the talented lady give us a full length debut album and if you are wondering how it fairs… you’ve come to the right place

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:12 – Intro: A quick rundown of Shay On You. Who is Wendy Shay and what kind of music does she do? Some interesting facts about her life.
02:34 – Music analysis: How does Shay On You kick off? Which previously released singles made the album?
06:06 – Technical review: How the Shay On You tracklisting builds up. The level of mixing and mastering.
08:25 – Overall thoughts about Shay On You by Wendy Shay and my picks for standout tracks on the album.

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