Nadia Nakai: Nadia Naked | ALBUM REVIEW South Africa

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Nadia Nakai has been grinding for YEARS! Her name rings out in the South African music industry but would you believe Nadia Naked is her DEBUT?! MJ Wemoto reviews her album to analyse what’s what!

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:25 – Intro: A quick rundown of the Nadia Naked album, her journey thus far and why Nadia Nakai’s debut will define her career from here on.
03:05 – Music analysis: What do the songs on Nadia Naked sound like? Which genres dominate and are there any tracks that seem to be leading the pack?
08:40 – Technical review: How’s the album trajectory and what are the influences that define Nadia Nakai’s sound on this project?
12:25 – Final thoughts about Nadia Naked by Nadia Nakai.

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