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One thing many music fans never really get to know is the journey artists make to get to the top. When you think of Yemi Alade, you instantly think of the monster hit “Johnny” and sounds like she just burst onto the scene with a winner but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She won Nigeria’s Peak Talent Show in 2009 , however her career only took off about 5 years later.

She’s now blessed us with her fourth studio album titled “Woman of Steel” in 2019. Time to pay homage to her phenomenal talent by reviewing this body of work through the themes, lyrics, compositions and more. Hosted by MJ Wemoto

Show breakdown and timestamps:

01:50 – Intro: A quick rundown of the Woman of Steel album and what has Yemi Alade’s musical journey been like?
04:03 – Music analysis: What do the songs Woman of Steel sound like and which ones seem to be leading the pack?
12:51 – Technical review: How’s the album trajectory and make up of the music to define Yemi Alade’s sound?
16:03 – Final thoughts about Woman of Steel by Yemi Alade and standout tracks

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