Gina Jeanz: Bloom | EP REVIEW Namibia

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Gina Jeanz is a name you probably know from something different to the next person; she’s a model, she’s a music producer, she’s a graphic designer. Today it’s about the music though and do we love a multi-faceted talent or what? Here’s a review of her latest EP titled “Bloom”

Show breakdown and timestamps:
00:50 – Intro: Who is the talented Namibian who goes by the name of Gina Jeanz? A quick rundown of Bloom.
01:46 – Music analysis: How does Bloom kick off? What kind of feelings are invoked by this kind of music?
05:27 – Technical review: How does Bloom give the listener a unique experience? How is the level of mixing and mastering?
07:22 – Overall thoughts about Bloom by Gina Jeanz and my picks for standout tracks on the EP.

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