Nelson Freitas – Dpos d’Quarentena ALBUM REVIEW Cabo Verde

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When it comes to top Cabo Verde music, Nelson Freitas is a name that comes up REALLY quickly. He gives us his new album Dpos d'Quarantena and here's a review

I found myself hooked to Nelson Freitas’ work in 2003 or 4 thereabouts and have never looked back since. After the success of the 2019 album Sempre Verao and the Unplugged album the same year, Nelson Freitas never rested on his laurels and gave us some memorable singles throughout the strange year that was 2020. He has a discography any musician would envy and ultimately is a Cabo Verdean legend all things considered as a songwriter, singer and producer – the ultimate triple threat. Man is back with a new album titled Dpos d’Quarantena and I will be reviewing it today.

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