Social Media Marketing Tips For Musicians

Episode 6

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In the last 2 episodes we looked at gaining entry into the African music industry. Just as a quick recap we looked at 5 tips to get started in the music industry, These were the strategies:

  • Start with what you have
  • Find out where your local recording studios are
  • Read widely about music and the music industry
  • Make friends in the industry
  • Perfect Your Art

Over the next few episodes I want to look at some simple due diligence you could engage in to cover your bases when it comes to start marketing yourself as a musician and your music as your product. Nowadays it’s very important to distinguish the functions of the different things you do if you are a musician. Your music is your primary product. Other elements of that brand such as your musician persona, the conversations you spark on social media to engage with your audience, the lifestyle you sell/showcase on social, are collateral that elevate how you captivate your audience.

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Episode 6