Sally Boss Madam – My Black ALBUM REVIEW Namibia

I first discovered award-winning Sally Ephraim Keya a.k.a Sally Boss Madam’s music in 2017 when I was researching Namibian music to showcase on the Moto Moto Podcast The first song I listened to was What You Say which is a smooth and sexy vibe from start to finish. The music video itself is simple yet stunningly captures the allure of Sally Boss Madam as she engages the object of her affection. She positions herself as a true boss madam, a go-getter who isn’t afraid to say exactly what she wants. That song set me on a path of discovery to find out more about who this talented Namibian artist is. I was impressed.
Fast-forward to several weeks later and this Namibian songstress has released a brand new album titled ‘My Black’ which is available on various digital platforms. There is already buzz about the album since release hardly 24 hours ago, the fans are excited! It always bodes well for a musician to know that their music is a topic of expectant discussion. The album opens up with the lead single “What You Say” great way to ease us into this project with a familiar sound.

Ungura is a very socially relevant commentary on the state of Namibia’s ghetto children and the struggles they face on a day to day basis. The message particularly struck a chord because I am an advocate for equipping the young ones to realise their potential regardless of the situations they find themselves in. Definitely rates as one of my favourite songs on the entire My Black. Don’t Stop will become a sing along for years to come. I enjoy The progression in the album arrangement was of particular interest to me. The build up was different yet the tempo was never compromised in the flow.

I can say that throughout the album I felt an understanding of different genre fusions that morphed into Sally Boss Madam’s signature. I could pinpoint 3 genres that heavily influence this sound; reggae dancehall, afro-pop and R’n’B. Her vocal tonality as a singer injects a certain near-soulfulness with a lovely African rawness which is outstandingly unique. You won’t find another Sally Boss Madam on the planet! The balance in production quality was definitely what I would expect from a 2017 project. Different producers? Sally Boss Madam says no problem! It’s a standard that may seem like a no-brainer but I can assure you it is hard to follow. You need the right team and processes to achieve that kind of quality.

To conclude I can say that My Black is on the list for my favourite albums of 2017. I am sure it will make its way into 2018 with a few more singles set to come out. Without writing too much, all I can say is listen for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. This album is worth every penny and it is Namibia’s time to shine on the African stage courtesy of Sally Boss Madam.

Standout Tracks: What You Say, Ungura, Do You Remember, Don’t Stop, Pamwe Find Your Man, I Need You
Collabos: KP Illest, Young T, Maranatha Goro, Gento Bareto,
Rating: 8/10

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